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Art Speaks Where Words Are Unable To Explain


I’m Sonia- an artist in love with all forms of creativity and storytelling. I was born and raised in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Canmore, Alberta where my love for adventure and nature was born. From the young age of three, I began my creative journey through performing arts at our local dance studio. At the age of six, I found a knack for recreating the world around me with a pencil and paper, and at the age of ten, I brought colour to the canvas through painting. I took my first photography class in high school and fell in love with the idea of capturing a moment forever. The world of makeup was first introduced to me at a young age in my Moms bathroom while she put on my bold stage makeup for my many dance competitions. Over time, I watched her and learned from her techniques. Towards the end of high school, I began to dabble in FX makeup and found a passion for using the human face and body as a canvas. In the year 2021, I moved to Vancouver, BC to pursue this passion- partaking in the Makeup Design program for Film and Television at Vancouver Film School. I pushed myself to reach the high expectations I set for myself and was awarded the Achievement Award, graduating at the top of my class. Currently, I am based in Southern Alberta- Calgary, Canmore, Banff, plus surrounding areas. I look forward to seeing where life takes me next and the adventures it throws at me! After all, life is a one-time offer- use it well, take risks, and do what you love. 

- Sonia 


Random Facts About Me and Things I Love

+ I LOVE to travel and experience all different cultures and environments around the world. If I could, I would be in a new place every month!

+ I take A LOT of pictures and videos all the time and probably annoy my friends while doing it… 

+ I love being outside in nature, whether that’s hiking, skiing, surfing, camping, or even just walking my dog.

+ My nickname is Sunny 

+ I love movies and TV shows and the whole process of creating them- the list of my favourites goes on forever… however, I am definitely a geek when it comes to Harry Potter. 

+ I am a littttle bit obsessed with Halloween… don’t hate me but I love it more than Christmas 

+ I LOVE scuba diving and got my open water SCUBA diving certification when I was 13 and have since gone on to achieve my advanced open water certification as well as rescue diver, free diver, underwater photographer and many other specialities. 

+ The environment is very important to me and I always strive to conserve it and raise awareness about environmental conservation. In high school I was co-president and founder of our schools ‘Green Club’, where we discussed strategies to create a sustainable environment.

+ I LOVE spontaneous adventures but HATE surprises…

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